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In an interview with the Victory information portal, Velibor Spalevich from the geographical department of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Montenegro, said that, based on his own research, he claims that if the authorities of Montenegro do not take measures to preserve the soil and surrounding area, then for 130 years Biogradsko Lake will be filled with silt from the Biogradska river and, accordingly, will completely disappear.

Soil erosion and the formation of natural sediments at the bottom of the lake are natural phenomena, and the products of this soil degradation process are constantly filled in our lakes - Plavsko, Biogradsko and Skadarsko. These processes affect the decrease in water volume.

“This problem of“ drying up of lakes” is even more noticeable on Lake Plavsko, where, according to today's measurements, the area of ​​the lake over the past 50 years (1970 - 2019) has decreased by 15 percent, from 2.1 to 1.8 square kilometers. These processes are mainly influenced by human activity (anthropogenic factor), and recently the problem of climate change has become urgent. In addition, according to earlier data obtained by cartography, and comparing them with today's indicators, which are obtained using modern computer computational and graphic methods, we conclude that Lake Plavsko was three times larger in area than today”, - says Velibor Spalevich.

He also wonders whether the Plavsko and Biogradsko lakes will eventually become, for example, two centuries later, the same as the Susicko lake in the Durmitor National Park.

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