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On the occasion of World Day without meat, which, starting in 1985, is annually celebrated on March 20, the non-governmental organization Friends of the Animals of Podgorica called on the citizens of Montenegro to eat as little meat as possible and as much as possible plant products. However, doctors do not recommend to remove completely the meat from the diet, and, if desired, to limit its consumption to at least 3 days a week. It is emphasized that a vegetarian diet is beneficial for a person only when food is well balanced.

It is also noted that now a large number of protected animal species lives on Earth, which are gradually disappearing from our planet or have already disappeared, and the reason for this is poaching. “The fact is, and it is a fact that man is the main cause of the extinction of many species of animals and all this, mainly because of food. If you prevent the killing of animals for food and reduce human consumption of meat, the planet will undoubtedly benefit from this, and therefore the human race, which would become not only much healthier, but also more resistant to various dangerous diseases.” says the director of the NGO, Drago Vlahovic.

However, a hygiene specialist from the Institute of Public Health, Dr. Enis Kuyundzhich, does not recommend to remove the meat from the diet completely. “If we look at the recommendations of recognized authorities on nutrition, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) or the Organization of Agricultural Products, meat is one of those products that are recommended for human nutrition,” says E. Kuyundzhich.

“In addition, iron from meat is absorbed better than iron found in products of plant origin, and meat is an important source of some vitamins needed for the human body, such as vitamin B12. That is why it is not recommended to completely remove meat products from the diet, and you can only limit consumption, for example, red meat up to 3 times a week,” advises Enis Kuyundzhich.

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