Mimosa's 50th Anniversary Festival ends in Montenegro

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A large international carnival procession with about 400 participants, a traditional trial and burning of effigies, the cause of all disasters in Herceg Novi last year, Mita Kovertića, as well as a concert by Svetlane Cece Ražnatovi who closed the 50th anniversary festival of Mimosa, which broke records for the duration of the holiday (50 days), the number of diverse entertainment, cultural and other events, as well as the total number of participants and visitors.

Yesterday, a grand masquerade was held in Herceg Novi, which was attended by rabbits, smurfs, skeletons, ladies and officers, satyrs, water and fire, puppets, seasons, birds of paradise and other colorful fancy dresses. A large carnival procession, which was attended by about 400 participants from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro, as well as members of the International Council of the Federation of European Carnival Cities, passed from the main town square in Herceg Novi do Igalo.

After the performance of all the carnival groups in Igalo, the traditional trial and burning of stuffed animals passed - “the culprit of all the problems of the inhabitants of Herceg Novi last year”.

Last night, at the closing of the 50th anniversary celebration of Mimosa, 60 different events took place, from colorful masquerades, all sorts of sporting events, entertainment programs, as well as gastronomic and literary evenings to performances and concerts.

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