On Sunday, March 31, Montenegro switches to summer time

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Early in the morning on Sunday, March 31, Montenegro, like other countries in Europe, will switch to summer time by moving the clock hand one hour ahead. On the night from Saturday to Sunday (from 30 to 31 March), at exactly 2:00 am, the clock hand must be moved one hour ahead, namely at 3:00 o'clock in the morning.

Summer time in Montenegro will last until the last Sunday of October, when the hands of the clock will be transferred back 1 hour, thereby switching to winter time.

During the year, the transition to summer and winter time was first introduced in 1916 in several countries located in the north of Europe to save energy, because when switching hours in the spring 1 hour ahead and in the autumn 1 hour back, the sunlight from early morning transferred to the evening and vice versa. From April 30, 1916, Germany and its allies participating in the First World War began to use the idea of ​​summer and winter time to save energy and save coal during the war. In 1917, this example was followed by the United Kingdom and most of the Allied countries, many European neutral states, as well as Russia and some countries of Eastern Europe. The United States joined the transfer of hours to summer and winter time in 1918.

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