In Montenegro, the campaign "Stop unregistered vehicles" is launched

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Today, employees of the General Directorate of the Police and the National Bureau of Insurers of Montenegro have launched a campaign “Stop unregistered vehicles”, which will last until mid-April.

The goal of this campaign is to prevent the use of unregistered cars and other vehicles on the roads of Montenegro, as well as the movement of expired cars and vehicles that do not have license plates.

“Analytical monitoring of the situation on the roads of Montenegro and comparison of data on the number of vehicles registered in Montenegro compared with the previous year, conducted by the Montenegrin police, showed that the number of unregistered vehicles in the country increased because the owners did not register their vehicle or application for registration of vehicles within the prescribed time provided by law, "- said in a statement the police of Montenegro.

Police officers also added that many vehicles participate in traffic without registration plates or without the prescribed traffic rules, the required number of license plates, namely instead of two, one that is usually attached to the front of the vehicle or instead of three, two, usually at the front of the towing vehicle and at the rear of the towed vehicle. Also often there are cases when vehicles are marked with illegal registration marks made of materials that are contrary to the laws of Montenegro, that is, those that were not issued by the competent authority.

As reported, the campaign “Stop unregistered vehicles” will be held from March 27 to April 15 (20 days) on all main and regional roads of Montenegro, in settlements, on city streets, and also in those places where traffic control is rarely carried out .

In addition to the above measures and actions, the traffic police officers of Montenegro will also closely monitor the situations on the roads, as well as identify and register other offenses.

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