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 Rule of Law Institute (RLI) has considered a new legal solution for citizens with permanent residence in Montenegro, according to which they will have to pay 60 euros for a new identity card. RLI overestimated the cost of the registration fee, contrary to the Constitution, which defines Montenegro as a state of social justice. 

 According to them, amendments to the Administrative Fees Act (in force since 19 August 2016) - increased stamp duty to receive identity cards for foreigners with a permanent residence permit (previously the price was 10 euros, and now is 60 euros). "A large number of citizens residing in Montenegro for years, even decades, but still do not have Montenegrin citizenship. They work here and live with their families, and their whole life is connected with Montenegro. It is unacceptable that for the issuance of the document is required 60 euros now, "said the Institute of the rule of law." 

 "With regard to the replacement of identity cards, it needs 60 euros and in the amendment to the Law on the resolution for the purchase of firearms is said that you are charged 30 euros, and for its use only 10 euros. It is inconceivable that the legislator had more understanding for people who want to buy or use firearms, than for citizens who cannot stay in Montenegro without an identity document.

 Rule of Law Institute hopes that the new parliament will make amendments to the Law on administrative fees and reduce the cost of issuing new identity cards for foreigners with permanent residence in Montenegro, "commented the Institute of the Rule of Law.

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