The reconstruction of the beaches in Herceg Novi needs about 3 million euros

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The company Morsko dobro, managing the sea coast of Montenegro, sent an application to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro for the organization of work and reconstruction of beach areas that are located on the coast in the Herceg Novi municipality, in several places near Sutorina district, near the hospital in Meljina, and also near the Cape of the Holy Week and Josica in Bijela.

We are talking about investments, the approximate amount of which is close to 3 million euros. The exact amount of investment will be known only after the development of project documentation for each place separately. At this stage, the assessment of the cost of restoration work is done on the basis of the general conditions and investment proposals of the initiators of this project.

It is reported that about 80 thousand euros will be allocated to equip a part of the beach in Nivica, to restore the beach near the Mimosa restaurant, which is located next to the Rafaelo beach, a sum of about 900 thousand euros is needed, and it will be necessary to spend 220 thousand euros to upgrade the Rocky beach, Čorović - 650 thousand euros, the beach on Savina - 150 thousand euros, a swimming place located opposite the Dolphin Hotel in Bijela requires investments of about 450 thousand euros. Also, for the reconstruction of several small beaches in the Herceg Novi Riviera, investments of about 390,000 euros are required.

JP Morsko performs certain administrative procedures in order to obtain the approval of the Government of Montenegro to announce a tender, as well as develop individual investment programs for each beach, negotiate with investors at the stage of obtaining permission for construction and reconstruction and, in the future, monitor the work of contractors on each site at the stage of implementation of this plan.

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