Two pedestrian excursions were opened on Orrjen and a bus line to Vrbanj was launched

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Last week, the Orrjen Mountain Development and Development Agency began advancing walking tours of the natural park, starting from Vrbanj Adventure Park to the foot of the Subrin Amphitheater or Snow Cave called Treasures from the Heart of Orjen. During the presentation of these walking excursions, preparation of unique cocktails “Dragon Gorge” and “Mountain Ice Cream” was made from snow, which lies at the foot of the Subrin Amphitheater all year round.

According to the Herceg Novi Municipality Information Service, a special guest of the first promotional tour was a blogger from Australia, Mickey, who lives in Herceg Novi.

Reportedly, in addition to the pedestrian promotional tour from the Vrban Adventure Park to the foot of the Subrinit Subrin, the Orien Mountain Protection and Development Agency plans to open another walking tour in the Orjen Nature Park, which has the symbolic name “The path of the Emperor. This walking tour follows the route taken by the imperial Austro-Hungarian army. As part of the promotion of this tour, in addition to relaxing and sunbathing in the Orjen saddle, a tour of the abandoned Austro-Hungarian construction site and the presentation of cocktails and ice cream from the Snějnice cave, called "Orjen" and "Prince Ice Cream", are planned. It was also added that, starting from this weekend, the Agency for Development and Protection of Orjen opened the Herceg Novi - Vrbanj bus line for all residents and visitors of the city.

Herceg Novi - Vrbanj buses will run on Saturdays and Sundays with departure from the main bus station of Herceg Novi at 09:15 am and 3:30 pm and departure from Vrbanj at 10:00 am and 4:15 pm. The Orjen Development and Protection Agency invites everyone to visit the Adventure Park Vrbanj or spend a weekend in the Orjen Nature Park.

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