In Kotor, fines from 20 to 50 euros are enforced on pet owners

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The municipal police of the city of Kotor imposed fines onmu pet owners who do not have the appropriate accessories during the walk (collar, muzzle, etc.)or they do not comply with the municipal decision on walking domestic animals in public places, the amount of which is from 20 to 50 euros.

On the non-compliance of the walking rules of pets, some owners are reminded by feces located on sidewalks and in other public places, among which, as residents and guests of Kotor have repeatedly reported, there are playgrounds where children play in the sand.

According to the head of the communal police, Zoran Vuchinovic, representatives of this city service in recent months, in addition to preventive measures, also apply more serious financial penalties to those who do not follow the rules of pets walking.

“It seems to me that the measures we have taken have influenced the fact that recently there are fewer unpleasant situations like this. Of course, there are still places where this problem is more noticeable, and this especially applies to the embankment in the village of Dobrota. As for the urban area and public places in the city, the situation with walking domestic animals is somewhat better than it was,” says Z. Vuchinovic.

The Municipal Decision on Walking Pets, among other things, stipulates that the owner uses the necessary equipment while walking with pets and immediately removes his pet's waste products, which usually does not occur in the Kotor municipality. In addition, pets are not allowed on the balconies and terraces of residential buildings.

In addition, it is prohibited to find pets in public buildings and institutions, in markets, cemeteries, children's playgrounds, in swimming pools and public baths, in sports fields, as well as in other public places with an established sign with a crossed-out dog.

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