Aircraft of Lufthansa Airlines arrived in Montenegro for the first time

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For the first time in history, the aircraft of the largest European airline Lufthansa landed in Montenegro, which was announced from the company Airports of Montenegro. The first flight marked the beginning of the weekly flights of Lufthansa airplanes between Tivat and the main cities in Germany, Munich and Frankfurt.

Representatives of the national company Montenegrin Airports, the Tivat municipality, the Lufthansa Group management, and the German ambassador to Montenegro, Heinrich Robert Weber, welcomed passengers and special guests at the Tivat airport to Montenegro.

As representatives of the Montenegrin Airports Company reported, this flight marked the beginning of regular flights of Lufthansa airplanes on the route Tivat - Munich and Tivat - Frankfurt. On Saturday, the flight under the number LH1733 will fly from Tivat to Munich, and on Sunday, starting April 14, the Lufthansa aircraft will fly from Tivat to Frankfurt. Both flights to Munich and Frankfurt will be operated on an Airbus A319 aircraft, on board of which wireless Internet access will be connected - Lufthansa FlyNet.

“Now the sale of tickets for both airlines is extremely good, which means that the opening of these routes is justified. I am very proud and this is indeed a historic day for the company Montenegro Airports, because the arrival of the plane of the largest European company Lufthansa in Montenegro is proof of stability, security and future prospects between our countries. I am convinced that this is only the beginning of further successful cooperation with Lufthansa. We continue to negotiate, which I hope will lead to the opening of new airlines,” said Danilo Orlandic, Executive Director of Montenegrin Airports.

“Note that 3 airlines from the Lufthansa Group corporation are already flying from Montenegro to Belgium, Germany and Austria. The airline Brussels Airlines offers flights once a week from Tivat to Brussels, Eurowings aircraft fly once a week from Tivat to Düsseldorf, and Austrian Airlines also sends planes from Podgorica to Vienna daily. It is worth noting that the Lufthansa Group operates flights on its aircraft to 308 destinations in 102 countries around the world,” said the company Montenegro Airports.

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