Tourist tax in Tivat will be increased to 1 euro per day

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The municipality of Tivat will increase the tourist tax on accommodation in Montenegro, which must be paid by all guests of this city on the day of arrival in the country, from the current 90 cents to 1 euro per day.

This proposal was sent by the tourism organization Tivat to the local parliament, which, most likely, should give it a green light, explaining that the city of Tivat, according to the classification of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, is a “tourist object of category A”.

It is worth noting that earlier, at the initiative of local tourist organizations of the coastal municipalities of Kotor, Budva and Bar, which are also classified as “Tourist places of category A”, the amount of tourist tax in these cities was set at 1 euro per person per day.

“The increase in the tourist tax on staying in Tivat from 0.90 € to 1.00 € takes into account all the positive changes that have occurred in Tivat over the past decade. In addition, this increase will be partly replaced by a significant reduction in cash payments from the tourist organization Tivat to the country's budget, as the authorities plan to amend the law on tourist organizations, in terms of calculating the membership fee,” the TO Tivat statement said about the need to increase tourist tax.

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