JP Morsko dobro reconstructed five berths in the Bay of Kotor

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Last year, the state-owned enterprise for the management of the Montenegrin coastal zone, JP Morsko dobro, carried out the rehabilitation and reconstruction of 5 coastal infrastructure facilities, namely the Zaječarsko mulo berth in Baošići and the harbor in Žanjic bay in the municipality Herceg Novi, the pier and port in Stoliv, the embankment and the port in Muo in the municipality of Kotor, as well as the pier Bazdanj in the municipality of Tivat.

This week, restoration work was completed at the port of Muo in Kotor, and the reconstruction of the embankment (near the lantern) in Baosici began. Work in the port of Muo was carried out in accordance with the prescribed technical conditions and included the cleaning of the seabed, underwater excavations to fill the foundation, the creation of the foundation and support walls using an underwater contractor. For the reconstruction of the pier Muo in Kotor was allocated 31 273.72 euros.

The construction contractor is D.O.O. "Iokić group", and the total amount of funds allocated for the reconstruction of ports, moorings and embankments in bay of Kotor will be 162,500.00 euros.

All work on the restoration and reconstruction of the remaining objects of the coastal infrastructure of the Kotor Bay is planned to be completed before the beginning of the summer tourist season.

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