5.2 million euros allocated for the renewal of the Montenegrin city of Sutomore

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Reconstruction of the coastal area, square and embankment in the Montenegrin resort town of Sutomore should begin this autumn. The total amount of work to be performed in four phases is estimated at 5.2 million euros, of which the sum of one million euros is planned to be invested in the first phase of the renovation of the city of Sutomore.

Today in the Montenegrin Public Works Office a meeting was held on the topic of announcing a public tender for the selection of contractors for the reconstruction and development of the coastal zone, square and embankment in Sutomore.

According to the information portal Jedro.me, representatives of JP Morsko dobro, managing the sea coast of Montenegro, today submitted to the Public Works Directorate full technical documentation of the Sutomore Project, prepared by this company as a prerequisite for inviting contractors to participate in a public tender.

The first stage of the reconstruction of the city of Sutomore includes the construction of the square and part of the embankment, where it is planned to place catering points. Thanks to this project, new objects created using light materials and discreet colors should have a unified and conceptual appearance. The paving of the square and pedestrian paths will be carried out according to the project documentation using high-quality white stone tiles.

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