As if in a fairy tale: Gate of desires in the canyon of the Mrtvica river

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Mrtvica River Canyon is one of the most beautiful natural treasures of Montenegro. Just a few hours drive from the capital of Montenegro - the city of Podgorica is a unique place, which, according to many tourists, looks like from a fairy tale - the Gate of Desires.

Through a fabulous forest with moss, he gets to the famous Gate of Desires, which pass through the passage through beautiful landscapes that few people leave indifferent.

Having passed through the fairytale forest, overgrown with moss and century-old trees, the traveler gets to the famous Natural Gates of Desires, looking through which the traveler opens stunning picturesque landscapes that few people leave indifferent.

The Gate of Desires consists of two accrete stones, but in order for the desire to be fulfilled, it is necessary in this place, in complete silence, to make a wish and throw a stone into the Mrtvica River. At the entrance to the Gate there is a wooden plaque on which the rule is written - “Desire should not be at the expense of someone else, because otherwise it will return with misfortune”.

You can reach the Gate of Desires by a marked mountain path leading through the canyon of the Mrtvica River. This trail begins in the place between Međuriječje, about five kilometers from the Morača monastery, where the Mrtvica river flows into the Morača river as its right tributary. Further, a noticeable mountain footpath with a length of about 12 kilometers leads to the village Velje Duboko, near which is the source of the river Mrtvica. You can reach the Desire Gates from Entre Rios in an average of two hours.

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