"Kolashinsky layer cheese" - the seventh protected product of Montenegro

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“Kolashinsky layer cheese” was included in the list of Montenegrin products protected by a quality label at the national level and became the seventh protected product of Montenegro.

As reported from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro, the registration of the quality mark for this popular and recognizable product was completed these days, and the registration procedure itself, in collaboration with the Ministry, was carried out by producers from the Kolashin Puff Cheese Association.

“Kolashinsky layer cheese is produced in more than 100 farms in the production region, and about 2,000 tons of this national product of the highest class comes to the market every year. A quality mark and state protection will give this product new value, and also allow producers to earn additional income and provide an opportunity for an even better valorization of goods by increasing the opportunities and increasing offers not only in the Kolasin region, but also in the north and the coast of Montenegro, ”says According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Montenegro.

The Ministry of Agriculture also notes that they are now taking intensified measures to initiate a procedure for protecting two more recognizable and high-quality Montenegrin products - honey and olive oil.

At the moment, in addition to Kolashinsky layer cheese, the authorities of Montenegro are also under the protection of: Negush prshut (dried pork ham from the village of Negushi), Plevalsky cheese (from the city of Plevlya), Montenegrin beef prshut, Montenegrin stele (dried lamb or goat meat), Montenehrin Prshut and Durmitorsky skorup (kind of kaymak).

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