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The construction of the football stadium in Cetinje is taking place according to the previously discussed dynamics and is currently working on pouring concrete into the eastern and western stands, said today during the next meeting of the engineering group of contractors, representatives of the Erlang company and a representative of the Public Works Administration.

From the Office of Public Works, it was noted that at the beginning of this year, construction work at the stadium was carried out with slow dynamics due to bad weather conditions and that the contractor has intensified activities in the past few days.

“This is an extremely important sports facility not only for the city of Cetinje, but also for the whole of Montenegro, which is implemented by the Government of Montenegro, the authorities of the city of Cetinje and the Football Association of Montenegro. At the same time next year, the Government of Montenegro, through the capital budget of the country, will invest about 4.4 million euros in this project. The cost of building the stadium in Cetinje is close to 8.8 million euros, and the completion date is the end of next year, ”the public works administration said in a statement, adding that the new stadium will have 5,192 seats, which meets the UEFA criteria for international and friendly football matches.

Currently, in addition to building a new stadium in Cetinje, the Government of Montenegro, through the Public Works Directorate, is also implementing other state-owned sports projects. It is recalled that a tender was recently announced for the reconstruction of the Suteska stadium in Niksic, and also works are underway to reconstruct the Niksha Buchin indoor pool in Kotor.

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