1 million euros to be invested in the cave of Dzhalovich

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In accordance with the contract for the construction of the power system and the entire infrastructure of the electricity supply of the Dzhalovich cave complex, which was signed yesterday by the Public Works Administration and the Elektro tim company from Budva, the Government of Montenegro continues its activities aimed at increasing the tourist value of this place.

The Government of Montenegro will allocate 989 433 euros from the capital budget of the country for the renewal of the Dzhalovic cave. The deadline for completion of the work will be five months from the start of construction by the contractor. Planned investments in the energy infrastructure, in addition to providing electricity to the Podvrh monastery, the cableway and the Dzhalovich cave itself, will also contribute to a much more reliable and better electricity supply to the households located in this part of the Belopolsky municipality.

“The cave of Djalovic and the entire territory adjacent to it, together with various objects, belong to the most promising places that are necessary for the further promotion of the tourist offer of Montenegro. The Government of Montenegro will invest a total of about 20 million euros in the arrangement of this complex, and if the construction work in the cave and its environs goes with the planned dynamics, it is expected that it will open to visitors by the end of next year,” it is said in the Montenegrin government message.

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