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This week, preparations are underway for the upcoming cleanup of the Kalimani pier and the adjacent territory, which is being organized for the first time in the last forty years, according to a press release from the municipality of Tivat.

The works will include the removal of various sediments, silt, sand, as well as bulky waste and other waste from the seabed in the port of Kalimani and nearby places. Cleaning of the Kalimani berth will begin immediately after the election of the supervisory authorities and the fulfillment of other conditions determined by legal procedures.

In accordance with the agreement with the Environmental Inspectorate, cleaning of the Kalimani wharf from debris will not start until the Environmental Protection Agency provides its strategic assessment of the environmental impact of the harvesting operations on the gulf environment, representatives of the Tivat municipality said in a press release, adding For the sewage treatment, reflenny buggers will be installed, having two separators.

All waste (plastic, iron, ropes, nylon, wood and other materials) entering the separator will be separated from the pipeline, and dirt and sludge will be transported to a distance of one kilometer from the harbor entrance and to a depth of more than 10 meters. In the future, all waste and garbage that will be separated in the separator will be disposed of at a utility company, the place for which will be determined in cooperation with the Maritime Security Administration of Montenegro.

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