«Residential complex Portonovi to be the largest and most luxurious resort in the region»

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This year a new port for super-yachts will be opened in the Bay of Kotor, built on the territory of a luxury residential complex and resort Portonovi, the total area of ​​which will be 26 hectares, and the investment value of this project will be one billion euros.

Portonovi is an elite mixed-type resort that will include, in addition to the pier for 238 luxury yachts from 7 to 120 meters in size, a special residential complex with houses, beaches, restaurants, shops and public parks, as well as the One & Only hotel with 5+ stars which will have 10 luxury villas. Hotel One & Only will be open next year.

According to the press secretary of the RC Portonovi, Adriana Husich, in the future this resort will become the most luxurious and largest not only in Montenegro, but also in the whole Balkan region. It is also worth noting that the Portonovi complex is located on the site of the former Kumbor military camp.

According to A. Husich, during the construction of the resort, which began in 2014, fragments of an ancient church were found, which was protected during further construction work and which reconstruction is expected this year, after which it will be a cultural monument of this region. In addition, Roman coins and some sculptures were found during the works, which will be exhibited in the public parks of the resort Portonovi.

Portonovi is a small city with various objects of mixed architecture, from the most modern, with the highest level of luxury, to houses that are a true depiction of a Mediterranean settlement.

The Portonovi project is being implemented by Azmont Investment from Azerbaijan.

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