Budva authorities plan to introduce fines for wearing swim suits outside the swimming area

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The municipality of Budva plans to bring order to the daily work of the popular tourist resort of Montenegro during the tourist season. Thus, based on the experience of neighboring Croatia, the authorities of the city of Budva plan to impose fines for a walk outside the beach area without a T-shirt / shirt in the amount of 500 euros, in a swimsuit / swimming trunks - 600 euros, and for food and drinks in public territory it is planned to impose a fine in the amount of 700 euros.

“The importance of this decision, as well as the rules and restrictions of behavior in public areas of the city, can be seen in the decisions already taken in various cities of neighboring countries. In the same Croatia, for example, tourists, walking through different cities, see relevant notices about the rules of conduct in public places and fines that are expected in case of improper behavior, namely, a walk outside the beach zone shirtless, a penalty of 500 euros is provided, in a bathing suit - 600 euros, while the fine for food and drinks in the public zone is 700 euros, ”said the relevant municipal services of Budva.

This Decision, as reported by representatives of the Municipality, can also spell out other rules of behavior for people in Budva, which would regulate problems with parking neighbors, drying clothes on the street, taking out garbage, the appearance of buildings, loud music, etc.

Since this Decision derives from the Law on Public Utilities, it is emphasized from the relevant municipal services that all citizens should take part in its formation.

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