Meteoportal AccuWeather has published a weather forecast for the summer of 2019 in Europe

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Famous world weather portal AccuWeather published a great weather forecast for the summer of 2019 for the whole of Europe. According to representatives of the meteorological service, the coming summer, most of Europe is under the threat of high air temperatures, while southeastern Europe and the Balkans are expected to experience strong storms and fires due to prolonged dry weather.

While most of Europe will be exposed to dry weather, namely multi-day heat with dangerous peak temperatures of +43°C and even higher, most countries on the Balkan Peninsula are threatened with frequent and severe thunderstorms this summer, as well as The region is expected to frequent storms, which will bring not only thunderstorms, but also prolonged rainfall, destructive winds and hail. This is especially true of the region of Dalmatia, as well as this weather is expected in southern parts of Croatia. North Adriatic, central Croatia and Slavonia are threatened by longer periods of high air temperature and extreme heat.

Dangerous storms with thunderstorms will threaten areas of Europe from Greece to Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, as well as parts of the Adriatic. “These storms will bring a lot of thunderstorms with lightning, floods and hurricane winds,” warn meteorologists AccuWeather.

Summer in Europe will definitely be marked by long and flammable heat waves that will affect the territory of Europe from Portugal and Spain to Poland and Hungary. Multi-day heat will begin in June in Spain and Portugal, and then spread to the north and east of the continent. High air temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius are also expected in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, up to Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

A rather wet winter and rainy spring, which were observed in most of western and central Europe, led to more lush vegetation than in previous years. However, since at the beginning of summer dry weather with high temperatures will prevail, the risk of fires increases even more. Spain, Portugal and the Alps are threatened by fires due to prolonged heat and dry weather.

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