Tenders for the rental of 16 beaches and bathing sites in Herceg Novi have been opened

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The state-owned enterprise for managing the sea coast of Montenegro, Morsko Dobro, announced the opening of a public tender for the rental of 16 beaches and public bathing facilities in the Herceg Novi municipality, which were not rented after the first selection.

We are talking about beaches that are located from the Igalo district, below the villa of Josip Broz Tito, along the Herceg Novi Riviera and to a public bathing spot in the Rosama region, radio Jadran reported yesterday. A novelty in the tender is the rental of the Bijela vila beach on Škveru, which must also be fully decorated and organized in accordance with the rules for preparing the beach in Montenegro for the summer tourist season.

The company Morsko dobro organized a public competition for the selection of tenants for beaches and swimming places at a total cost of about 30 thousand euros. The maximum price for renting a beach in Herceg Novi starts from 8.58 thousand euros excluding VAT. A cheaper lot is a 133-meter beach in Sutorin, in the western part of the village, with a minimum rental price of 4.1 thousand euros. The minimum rental price for other beaches ranges from 500 to 1.8 thousand euros.

At the end of the tender, tenants will be signed for the lease of a beach for a period of one year with the possibility of extending the lease for four years.

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