This year 30 beaches in Montenegro got the Blue Flag

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This year, 30 beaches in Montenegro received the international environmental sign of recognition- "Blue Flag". This prize is awarded annually to the best beaches from around the world, which are of high quality water and excellent conditions for recreation.

The leader in the number of beaches awarded the Blue Flag was the Budva Riviera with 16 beaches (3 more than a year earlier). The beaches of Sirena, Svetionik, S & I Beach Life, Escallera, Blue Beach and Poseidon have become the owners of the international sign of environmental recognition of Blue Flag. (Posejdon) in the beach area "Jaz"; San Trope and Time Out on the Slovenian beach in Budva itself; Dolce Vita and Sveti Toma in Becici; Kamenovo 17A and La Suerte (Kamenovo 17B) in the area of ​​the town Kamenovo; Galija (Galija), better known as “Redne-Glavitsa” near the village of Sveti Stefan; Drobni Pijesak in the village Rezevici; “Ponta” and “Lučice” in the city of Petrovac.

In the Ulcinj Riviera, located in the southern resort area of ​​Montenegro, 10 beaches received the Blue Flag: "Toni Grill", "Miami", "Mojito", Pearl Beach, Cabo Beach, White Beach, MarBuena Beach, Europa (Evropa), MCM Beach and Copacabana (Copacabana), which are part of the Great Beach (Velika Plaža).

As in the past year, three beaches of the Bar Riviera received the Blue Flag international award: “Center” and “Korali” in Sutomore, and also “Paradiso” (Paradiso) in Uteha.

In Tivat Riviera, an international quality mark has been assigned to two beaches: Plavi horizonti on the Lustica peninsula and Kalardovo near the island of Flowers.

In the municipality of Herceg Novi, the Blue Flag will fly only on one beach - “Dobrec” in the same bay on the Lustica peninsula.

It is worth noting that the Blue Flag has been awarded to the beaches of Montenegro since 2003, when the local non-governmental organization Ecom became a member of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which is the author of this project. In recent years, Montenegro has actively landscaped beaches, swimming areas and recreation areas, which are located on the entire coast of the country. This is evidenced by the fact that a few years ago, the owners of the international award "Blue Flag" had only 16 beaches, and today there are already almost 2 times more...

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