From this summer on the beaches of Montenegro, deck chairs and umbrellas will be free in the afternoon

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This year in Montenegro, a new rule was adopted for the use of beaches, which should please all guests of the country - namely, after 5:00 pm, the use of sun beds and umbrellas on public and other beaches, except private hotels, will be completely free.

This information for the media from the Budva region was told by the director of the Montenegrin Sea Coast Management State Enterprise, Predrag Dzelušić, adding that “it’s not polite to charge the full cost of using beach equipment (sun beds and umbrellas) from all the tourists who came in the afrernoon ".

“That is why this year we decided that after 5:00 pm on tenants and public beaches other than hotel hotels, tenants do not have the right to charge rent for the use of sun loungers and beach umbrellas,” said Dzelušić.

In addition to this rule, according to the new Decree on the arrangement of beaches and bathing places in Montenegro, which was adopted two months ago, from this year an information board should be placed on each beach. According to Predrag Dzelušić, the information stand should state: beach working hours, the cost of sun beds and umbrellas, water quality, which should be measured every seven to ten days, and the beach type - public, hotel (private), for animals or nudist. ..

“Thus, every tourist and resident of Montenegro will have full information about the beach and its prices at the entrance, respectively, for them there will be no more surprises while relaxing on the beach. We will also check the tenants of the beaches to make sure that they work in accordance with these Rules, and in case of violation they will be subject to sanctions, ”said P. Dzelušić.

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