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The reconstruction of the road The Hrid Curve (Hridska krivina) leading to Lake Hridsko is of great importance for the development of tourism in the National Park Prokletije, was praised by the head of the municipality of Plav, Mirsad Bairaktarevich, representatives of the non-governmental organization (NPO) Friends of Plav and the director of the National Park Prokletije Admir Lalich during a trip to this stretch of road.

As reported from the organization Montenegrin National Parks, representatives of the municipality, non-governmental organizations and the National Park Prokletije expect, in cooperation with other structures, especially the diaspora, in the near future will be provided with funds for the restoration and reconstruction of objects of importance to the development of tourism in Plav community and all of Montenegro.

“Lake Hridsko is one of the most important and beautiful places in the National Park Prokletije, which, in addition to the numerous mountain peaks, is an attractive place for a huge number of tourists,” the National Parks of Montenegro (NPCG) said in a statement.

Lake Khrid is located on the northwestern side of the Prokletije National Park, located in the municipality of Plav, near the border with Albania. It is located at an altitude of 1970 meters above sea level and is the highest mountain lake in Montenegro. In summer, the depth of Hridsko lake is about five meters, and during the rest of the year the lake is much deeper due to precipitation and melting snow. The lake is about 300 meters long and about 160 meters wide.

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