Fiscalization of cash desks in Montenegro will increase revenue

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The Government of Montenegro approved the Proposal of a law on fiscalization of cash desks, namely the use of cash registers in cash payments and (or) payments using payment cards for the circulation of products, goods and services for more effective control over these transactions. This law, according to representatives of the authorities, will help reduce illegal trade and increase the collection of all revenues.

Acting General Director of the Tax and Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance of Montenegro, Biljana Peranovic, said that the bill was created due to the need to create a system that will ensure the availability of data on the turnover of goods and services in the country.

She also stated that the existing model of fiscal policy, which is used in Montenegro, is complex and outdated. The model is based on a hardware solution, in which the registration of transactions is carried out through the tax register of the cash office and includes only a part of the turnover when paying in cash.

The cost of fiscalization for taxpayers, who have not yet had the appropriate cash registers, will be about 200 euros, plus a certified signature and an Internet package, the cost of which will be 5 euros per month, as well as payment of an electronic signature - 10 euros per year.

According to the feasibility study conducted by the World Bank (WB), currently in Montenegro there are about 27 thousand cash desks registered in the tax office. “About 50% of all taxpayers in Montenegro will be able to quickly adapt to the new system or simply update the software. Other taxpayers will need to purchase an appropriate device for receiving payment,” concluded Bilyana Peranovich.

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