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Today, at 1.20 pm, the first plane of Europe largest airline, Ryanair, arrived at Podgorica airport, flying from Barcelona to Podgorica, thereby opening a regular air service between Spain and Montenegro. From now on, Montenegro will be connected with the Iberian Peninsula by air traffic. Barcelona-Podgorica flights will be operated once a week until October, after which the planes of the European budget airline Ryanair will fly from Podgorica to Barcelona and back twice a week, on Thursdays and Mondays.

“As you know, the interest of our citizens in opening the air line from Podgorica to Barcelona was enormous, and we, as a company that always listens to the needs of both Montenegrin residents and numerous tourists, made great efforts to introduce this route from Montenegro to Spain After a whole year of negotiations with several air companies, we agreed to cooperate with Ryanair and thus fulfilled our promise,” said Danilo Orlandich, CEO of Montenegro Airports. He also noted that this is a big step for further cooperation, since 153 passengers flew from Barcelona to Podgorica, and 183 passengers were registered for the flight to Barcelona.

It is worth noting that the airline Barcelona - Podgorica became the sixth, which the airline Ryanair sells for Montenegro. In addition to the capital of Catalonia, the Ryanair aircraft from Podgorica Airport also fly to Brussels (Belgium), Bologna (Italy), Berlin (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden) and London (England).

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