Tivat Airport - 450,000 euros for a project on the implementation of night air flights

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Montenegro Airports Company (ACG) is holding a tender to consider the possibility of solving the long-standing and urgent problem that is present at Tivat airport, namely, the impossibility of accepting night flights at the airport.

Currently, the company that manages the Montenegrin airports has announced a re-tender to select a consultant for the development and creation of a project to introduce night flights at Tivat airport, worth 450,000 euros.

ACG's tender for the selection of a consultant to prepare a study on the introduction of night flights at Tivat airport should be held on July 10, 2019. The selected applicant will have 150 days to develop the corresponding Project, and then, in cooperation with ACG, ACV and the Flight Monitoring Agency (SMATSA), the final version of the documents and completion of all work will be prepared, which will include three steps. At the first stage, the consultant will have to provide all the information about the obstacles that are observed in the airspace on approaching Tivat airport.

At the second stage, the possibility of landing and taking off aircraft at Tivat airport at night and in reduced visibility using the PBN landing system, instrumental approach procedures (STAR) and arrival (SID) in Montenegro airspace will be assessed. If, as a result of stage II, a positive assessment is obtained from the point of view of the possibility of night flights in the airspace of Tivat airport, the designers will proceed to the development and creation of specific actions with which future aircraft can land and take off at Tivat airport at night and in limited conditions of visibility.

The development of this project for the implementation of night flights will also take into account the fact that Tivat Airport will not receive airplanes 24 hours a day or throughout the night due to the noise over tourist-significant areas. If the project is successfully implemented, Tivat Airport will extend its work time until 11:00 pm, and will start work in the morning earlier than it is now. Thus, with the same physical accessibility of the runway, platforms and terminal, Tivat Airport will be able to serve a much larger number of aircraft and passengers than it does now.

Note that the company Montenegro Airports has already once - in September last year, tried using a tender to select a consultant to develop a study on the implementation of night flights at Tivat airport. A total of three applications were received from foreign participants, namely Navblue from France, Jeppesen Sanderson Inc from the USA and GE Aviaton Digital, also from the USA. The submitted projects, the amounts of which ranged from 277.5 to 448 thousand euros, the tender commission of the company Montenegro Airports, however, declared ineffective and canceled this public procurement.

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