Investors from Holland to build a hotel and 35 villas near St. Stephen

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In the depths of the two most attractive beaches in the area of ​​the island-hotel Sveti Stefan, Galia and Crvena Glavica, on a plot of almost 56 thousand square meters, a luxurious tourist resort is going to be built - an elite hotel with 35 villas.

The construction of this hotel is envisaged by the White rt-gali urban development plan, which was developed by the Government of Montenegro and processed by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro at the request of investors - Bay View Investments from Podgorica.

It should be noted that the company owning a fairly attractive land complex near the island hotel Sveti Stefan, according to the Central Register of Business Organizations of Montenegro, was founded by New Europe property finance II B.V. which headquarters is in the Dutch city of Rotterdam.

“Bay View Investments expressed its wishes and readiness for the construction of an exclusive tourist complex in the area of ​​the island-hotel Sveti Stefan. They are interested in building an exclusive tourist complex with a total building area of ​​about 30,000 square meters on this land plot, with an area of ​​almost 56 thousand square meters. The tourist complex, in addition to various objects on the ground, such as condo-hotels, villas, apartments and related objects, will also have facilities in the marine area, namely catering places in the sea coast area and marinas,” the document says .

According to the project, it is planned to develop two urban sites, on which a high standard tourist complex will be built, at least four stars. On the first plot of 25 197 sq.m. it is planned to build a hotel with a maximum of five floors. This hotel will occupy an area of ​​7,560 square meters, and the total built-up area will be about 16 thousand square meters. On the first two floors of the hotel will be located commercial objects, and residential rooms, apartments and rooms on the upper floors. In addition, sports and recreational facilities, outdoor sports grounds, aquapark - swimming pool, pedestrian communications, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, underground parking, reception, restaurants, conference hall, utility rooms and other facilities will be built on the territory of the tourist complex.

On another plot, with an area of ​​30,617 square meters, it is planned to build 35 villas, the total area of ​​which will be slightly more than 10 thousand square meters, and also to make a green zone by planting trees and shrubs. The total number of beds in villas will be 97, and each guest will account for 80 square meters of greenery. The total number of beds in the hotel and villas will be at least 297 and a maximum of 317.

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