The world largest private yacht Azzam sailed to Tivat

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The largest private yacht in the world - the 180-meter yacht Azzam (translated from Arabic as “decisive”), sailed this morning to the seaport of Porto Montenegro, which is located in the resort town of Tivat, in Montenegro.

The yacht, which belongs to the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalif Ibn Zayed al-Nahyan, was moored to the 5th maritime pier, which is capable of receiving boats up to 250 meters long. Yacht "Azzam" is located in the port number 5, which is located out of reach of pedestrians walking through the port of Porto Montenegro and photographers, so the crew of sailors and passengers on the yacht arrive in complete peace of mind.

The yacht "Azzam" was created by special order in 2013 at the famous German shipyard Lurssen, and its construction cost the owner 610 million dollars. This ship, with a length of 180 meters, a width of almost 21 meters and a displacement of 13,136 tons, has the size of a mediocre cruise ship. For such a huge ship "Azzam" has an unusually small draft - only 4.3 meters, which, in combination with a special, thin hull shape and an extremely powerful drive system with a total capacity of almost 94,000 horses, allows the captain to achieve a dizzyingly high maximum on this yacht speeds up to 31.5 knots! This steel-aluminum ship is equipped with two MTU diesel engines and two General Electric LM 2500 gas turbines.

In addition to the unique interior and various luxurious amenities, the Azzam yacht has two pools, two helicopter pads, a cinema, a disco, and the largest on the yacht, a hall for dinners and ceremonies, measuring 29 meters by 18 meters ...

This heavy-duty vessel also has a mini-submarine in place, all the glass surfaces on the Azzam are made of bullet-proof glass, the owner’s cabin is additionally equipped with Kevlar protective ballistic panels, and the yacht has its own confidential system of protection against a possible attack from outside, down to attack with anti-submarine missiles ...

The yacht Azzam can take on board 36 passengers, who are cared for by up to 60 crew members.

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