Montenegro is on the 88th place in terms of road quality

Way to Montenegro
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The latest study of the World Economic Forum (WEF) to determine the quality of roads identified Montenegro with 3.5 points to 88th place in the list of 137 countries of the world.

Among the other countries of the Balkan Peninsula, Serbia, despite the growing road network in the country, ranked the 100th with 3.2 points, and Bosnia and Herzegovina became the worst Balkan country in terms of road quality, which ranked 109th with 3 points. Of all the Balkan countries, the best roads are in Croatia, which is located on the excellent 19th place in the list with a score of 5.5 points and in Slovenia, which ranked 51st with 4.4 points.

Studies have also shown that, in general, roads in Montenegro have become significantly better than in previous years, thanks to their reconstruction and expansion of the carrying capacity of the most loaded sections.

In recent years, the Montenegrin authorities have invested heavily in the roads leading to the sea, primarily in the reconstruction and improvement of the main trunk route Podgorica - Cetinje and Cetinje - Budva. In addition, the entrance to Podgorica was extended from the Golubovici area, and the road was recently completed on the outskirts of the capital of Montenegro in Cetinje.

In addition, problem areas of the road were repaired in the north of Montenegro, and large-scale construction work is currently underway on the road leading from Niksic to Vilus. According to the plan, during the reconstruction of this route will be expanded section of a length of about 20 kilometers.

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