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The municipal assembly of the city of Ulcinj adopted a decision on the appointment of Ulcinj Solana as a national natural park of Montenegro.

This Decision states that, starting next year, the municipality of Ulcinj will create a committee that will be entrusted with the management of this protected area. It is also worth noting that in its latest progress report, the European Commission urged the municipality of Ulcinj to adopt a document on the protection of this territory.

At a meeting of the local parliament in Ulcinj, after the vote, during which 24 votes in favor, one vote against and one abstained, was recorded, it was decided to declare Ulcinj Solana a national nature park. With this decision, the municipality of Ulcinj undertakes to protect and preserve this territory, and from August next year it will manage one of the most important natural resources of Montenegro, which covers 15 million square meters, which are currently in rather poor condition.

Commenting on this decision, the head of the municipality of Ulcinj, Lloro Nrekic (chern. Ljoro Nrekic), said that they protected the interests of the city to the maximum. He also added that this is a wonderful day for the city of Ulcinj, the whole of Montenegro and the European Union, because we know that Ultsin Solana has recently been the focus of attention of all European countries.

Despite financial problems, Loro Nrekic believes that this will be a successful project and that the Government of Montenegro, according to him, will help overcome this impoverished situation with Solana from an impasse. Lloro Nrekich also hopes for international donations and all possible assistance from the European Union.
Đeka Đonaj, journalist of Radio Montenegro

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