The first hotel of the Falkensteiner Hotels group opened in Montenegro

Way to Montenegro
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This week, on the site of the former hotel complex “Queen of Montenegro”, located in the Becici district, near the town of Budva, a new hotel “Falkensteiner Montenegro” was opened, which is part of the “Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences” hotel group. The opening of the new hotel was attended by a large number of famous people representing the political, business and media life of both Montenegro and other countries of the Balkan region.

“It is a great honor and pleasure to be here tonight. This object was once a tourist attraction not only of the Budva Riviera, but of the whole of Montenegro, and now, I believe, with the quality mark of Falkensteiner, we can expect better days. I will take this opportunity to thank Falkensteiner, who believed in our vision. That is why we all gathered here today. The hotel “Falkensteiner Montenegro” has built 240 residential rooms for 500 beds and an expected attendance of about 50,000 guests by the end of this year,” said Pavel Radulovich, the Minister of Tourism of Montenegro.

Otmar Micheler, general manager of the hotel group of Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group (FMTG), said he was very proud of the fact that Falkensteiner became a part of Montenegro due to this hotel.

“Traveling around Europe, we talk with different people about different places, different brands, trademarks and business opportunities, and when we announce that we are opening a new hotel in Montenegro, the reaction of our interlocutors is always positive and they talk with enthusiasm and positive about Montenegro . I can only congratulate you on the fact that your country is popular and recognized not only in Europe, but throughout the world for its fantastic tourist destinations. Our desire has always been that after Croatia and Serbia we get to Montenegro. And it has come true,” said Otmar Micheler.

The regional director of the hotel group Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences in Montenegro and Serbia, Alexander Vasilievich, thanked the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro and the Administration of the city of Budva for all that they have done for the Falkensteiner company.

“We are very proud that another high-class hotel is opening in Budva tonight, which will only help improve the quality of the tourist offer of our city. Budva is the tourist capital of Montenegro, where 115 hotels are located, and this hotel, which has the quality mark of the worldwide hotel chain Falkenstajner, will undoubtedly only complement the offer of Budva in the residential sector. We expect the hotel “Falkensteiner Montenegro” to be full year round and that guests will truly enjoy all the advantages of our city, ”said the Director of the Budva Tourist Organization, Maja Liješević.

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