The project "All the wonders of Montenegro" presented at the north of the country

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 Representatives of the Ministry of tourism, together with local tourist organizations of cities of Plav and Rozaje in hotel "Kula Damjanova", situated near Lake Plav and "Pod Hajla" restaurant in Rozaje have presented the project "All the wonders of Montenegro". According to the Tourism Authority Director Marco Petrichevich, despite the abstract name, the project has a very specific purpose. "In the next two years, it is planned to create 1,000 new jobs in the tourism sector. In addition, the project aims to combine tourism with the development of our culture and the preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage,"explained Petrichevich.

 "The stories, that have been collected during this project, will make the main content of brochures and a website, which will also be used for the project "good host ", which the Ministry plans to launch before the end of the year. The events in Plav and Rozaje were attended by representatives of local tourist organizations from Andrijevice, Petnice, Rozaje, Gusinje, Plav and Pluzine, employees from the sphere of tourism, as well as media representatives. The participants took the opportunity and offered several legends and stories related to the tourist attractions, which have the potential for valorization.

Here is one:
"There is a legend about Vezirova mosque in Gusinje, that is well-known among locals. In 1924, There was no rain in this region for more than six months. The representative of the three denomination organized a joint prayer to bring rain. After a week incessant rains really began. Clergy and local residents had no choice but to pray for the cessation of rainfall. During the prayer, each of them had to throw a grain of sand into a special box, that represented each inhabitant of the city. The rain stopped, and the box is preserved in the mosque to the present day, where there is a lot of stones that in some way is an indication of the number of citizens living in the Gusinje in 1924 ".

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