The roads in Montenegro are ready for the tourist season

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Starting today, construction and repair work on the main roads in Montenegro has been stopped, said Savo Parac, director of the Montenegrin Road Administration. According to him, the main Montenegrin roads are fully prepared for the summer tourist season.

The Chairman of the Tourism Association Committee of the Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce, Dragan Ivanchevich, noted that this is the first year when it is possible to give a single positive assessment of the entire road infrastructure that residents and guests of the country received, given the fact that, as he said, there were almost no roads obstacles and tourist traffic from the beginning of the year so far passed without any interference.

“All the work on the regular maintenance of main and regional roads was completed. Thanks to this program, asphalting of some sections on main roads, laying of new separate sections on main roads, repairing road pits and ruts, drawing road markings, replacing and installing road signs, as well as mowing road belts on mountain sections of roads, ”Savo said Parach. He also added that, in addition to this, projects for the reconstruction of many regional roads and international highways were completed.

“Our goal is to ensure that roads in Montenegro are of high standard and European quality. All reconstructed roads are made in accordance with the strictest European standards and are comparable to them, and the best example of such a highway is the Podgorica-Cetinje-Budva route, which many experts assess as a European quality standard,” said Savo Parac.

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