From August 1, Delta City Shopping Center starts charging for parking

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From August 1, the Delta City Shopping Center (Delta City), which is located in the capital of Montenegro - the city of Podgorica, will begin to charge for parking at a price of 40 cents per 1 hour, reports the information portal Dnevne novine.

The letter, which the administration of Delta City shopping center sent out to its employees and which was received by the newspaper Dnevne novine, indicated that the first half hour of parking would be free for all visitors to the shopping center and that the fee was necessary, since it is quite difficult for buyers to find a free parking space.

“The parking fee, which is located on the territory of the Delta City Shopping Center, is necessary because of the large number of cars left on it for an indefinite time, which prevents the true customers of the shopping center from finding a parking space for their cars. In addition, paid parking must also be introduced due to the fact that residential areas around the Shopping Center are expanding at high speed and, accordingly, the number of cars is increasing,” the letter says.

The staff of the shops of the Delta City Shopping Center will be able to purchase a parking ticket for 1 month at a price of 30 euros, but for this they will need to provide in advance a confirmation of working in the shopping center.

Representatives of the management of the shopping center reported that about 1,200 employees work in the Delta City Shopping Center and that only 18,000 to 24,000 people visit it on weekends.

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