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Today at Tivat airport, work on the repair and restoration of the runway begins, the deadline for the completion of which is the next six nights.

The restoration of the runway at Tivat airport will be carried out in order to increase its safety, announced the airport Tivat director Rade Maric. He also clarified that on the 2.5-km-long highway, a section about 600 meters long and 12 meters wide will be repaired, namely, 6 meters to both sides of the central line.

Work on the restoration of the runway at the airport Tivat will lead the company Asfalt beton.

“Repair work will begin after the end of the working day, and in the morning, after the official inspection of licensed experts, the runway will be ready for normal operation throughout the day, which means that there will not be any failures in receiving and sending aircraft,” Rade Maric said that at the moment, the runway at Tivat airport is completely safe, and the recovery will make it even safer, as confirmed by many airlines which planes land at Tivat airport.

“The restoration of the route will be carried out on the part of the way in the so-called touch-off zone of the aircraft,” said R. Maric, recalling that the runway at the Tivat airport had not been repaired for almost 40 years.

“On the last day of June, Tivat airport served 62 aircraft or 12,033 passengers, which is an absolute record in the history of Tivat airport”, - said Rade Maric.

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