The construction of the sidewalk on the road from Meline to Pod began

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In the municipality of Herceg Novi, the construction of a sidewalk began on the Meline-Podi road section, from the residential and commercial building “Igalopromet” to the house of Murišica). Thus, the authorities of the municipality of Herceg Novi will solve the problem of numerous pedestrians who have until now been forced to walk on the carriageway of the highway and ensure the safe movement of people on this road.

The pavement will be built on a 160-meter-long section of the road, and the cost of its construction will be about 14 thousand euros, which will be invested by the Herceg Novi Municipality and local residents of this part of the city. The construction work is carried out by the company "Nikas ing" d.о.о, which was chosen as the most suitable contractor. The term of work is 25 days.

As stated in the contract for construction works, the Contractor is obliged to perform work in a professional and high quality manner, taking into account technical regulations, rules and standards applied in the construction industry. The warranty period for the work performed is two years, during which the Contractor is obliged at their own expense to eliminate any defects arising in this area of ​​the pavement. In addition, after completion of all works, the contractor is obliged to clean the construction site and equip the environment.

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