ATTENTION! Fake notes in Montenegro, and what is the easiest way to recognize a fake.

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 National Treasury Centre of Central Bank of Montenegro in this period has discovered 837 counterfeit banknotes and coins, of which 3 notes of 500 euros, 23 notes of 200 euros, 118 notes of 100 euros, 196 notes of 50 euro, 171 notes of 20 euros, 6 notes of 10 euros and 2 notes of 5 euros.
 The number of counterfeit coins is: coin of 2 euro - 232 pieces, 1 euro – 25 pieces, 50 cent coins – 56 pieces, announced the Central Bank.
Among the detected counterfeit notes were also dollars.

 The largest number of counterfeit euro banknotes detected in the southern region of Montenegro - 253 notes (49%), and in the central part - 244 notes (47%).
In the north of Montenegro was discovered only 22 notes (4%).

 As a rule, during the tourist season, when the flow of money is at the highest level, there is a high risk of counterfeits entering into the payment system. Data show that the majority of fakes come from neighboring Italy.
Pieces of advice

 The Central Bank continues to advise citizens to check the authenticity of banknotes and pay attention to the specific types of protection of the bills.
"Euro currency banknotes are made of paper with cotton content that is felt by touch. The initials of the European Central Bank, the central figure, and the nominal value on the front side of the banknote executed in relief, so they can be felt. The watermark is produced by thinning the paper, the numerical part of the watermark lighter and thinner. The security thread woven into the paper, it can be seen when the banknote is turned to the light. It has a mini and micro printing. Transparent case, drawing parts are used for precision printing on both sides of the bill, so that when you look at the bill in the light, the figure becomes fully visible," explained from the Central Bank.

 It is necessary to check the hologram strip, which is at an inclination of banknotes 10 and 20 euro reflects the wide range of colors and drawings - the currency code, nominal value, mini and micro text.

 Holographic sticker on the bills of 50, 100, 200 and 500 euros for the central part, micro text with marked currency and the nominal value, perforation of mark € demetallized area... the inks on the note change color from glossy dark pink to olive green when tilted.

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