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By the end of the month, tourists, as well as residents of Montenegro, will be offered a new type of maritime public transport on ships operating on solar energy. The company “Bella Boka” will launch two absolutely ecological ships that will ply in the Bay of Kotor between the largest resort cities of Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi.

Starting from the next year, another 8 ferries will join these vessels, which will significantly reduce the congestion of mobile roads along the Bay of Kotor. The cost of this project, which is unique to the Mediterranean, is almost 5 million euros, and with its help Montenegro will be represented on the map of environmentally developed countries, reports TVCG.

A quick, convenient and inexpensive tour of the Bay of Kotor, from Kotor, through Perast and Tivat, to Herceg Novi, will be open to everyone since July 20. First, two trial shipping lines will be created, with a clear timetable for the movement of ships and designated points for stops. Travel time will be about 45 minutes, and the cost of the ticket is from 3 to 5 euros, how much is currently a ticket for a bus or other public transport in Boka. In addition, monthly and annual tickets will be created, as well as discount tickets and discounts for workers, students and retirees.

“By the end of next year, together with these two ships, another 8 vessels should be transported to the bay, which will be able to take from 35 to 60 passengers. There will also be 13 stops with an electronic timetable for the movement of ships. Our plan is to make regular sea flights with an interval of ships every 20 minutes,” said Ricardo Boneti, director of Bella Boca, told TVCG news portal.

In addition, it is reported that together with the boats for the transport of passengers in the Bay of Kotor will also run a special boat to collect plastic waste and various debris. According to UNDP calculations, public maritime transport should repeatedly reduce emissions of harmful gases on the Montenegrin coast in the area of ​​Boka Kotorska Bay.

It is also expected that regular sea transport will become a kind of tourist attraction in Montenegro, which will allow travelers to get to know the country better, as well as enjoy all the beauties of the Bay of Kotor. Each of the ships will have distinctive names, which will be taken as the names of the popular attractions of the region of Montenegro.

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