Three hidden treasures of the Bay of Kotor - places for those who want to get the most out of the sea holiday!

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Are you one of those tourists who imagines a sea vacation on a small hidden beach without a lot of people and with a breathtaking view? The Bay of Kotor has preserved precisely such places that amaze with their history and fascinate with architecture, beautiful landscapes and stunning nature. Look at which places in Montenegro, located in the Bay of Kotor, are less well known and popular, but still are quite visited, unique and specific, each in its own way.


The Bigova area was once an exceptionally fishing place, which still retains the style and splendor of past times. On the site of today's settlement Bigova was once the ancient city of Grispolis, which sank in 1664 as a result of an earthquake.

A walk through this place, as well as through the surrounding hills filled with greenery and clean air, will bring true pleasure to all nature lovers, and on one of the hills you will find a unique and unforgettable view of the blue of the Adriatic.


The place, named after the Italian word "Rose", defies time and is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Bay of Kotor. Here you can see buildings under the age of 200 years, which, with their architecture and style, give the place a special charm. For those who love scuba diving, can visit the archaeological excavations, located under the water, and see underwater historical monuments, such as sunken ships and submarines.

That is why Rose is considered a historical place where a family, two lovers or a person who wants solitude, peace and rest can be accommodated. The sandy beach and crystal clear water, as well as silence, which is disturbed only by the sound of the waves, is not what you were looking for in order to fully immerse yourself in your thoughts.


At the very bottom of the Lustica peninsula is the town of Krtoli, there is one of the most beautiful areas in the Bay of Kotor. Although you may have thought that its name is associated with planting potatoes, but you are mistaken. This place got its name in honor of the word Cartolle, that is, the hills. Krtoli is known not only as a farm where mollusks are grown, but as an area with ten churches (six Orthodox and four Catholic) and one monastery. The churches are located on the island, on the dominant hilltops and in the center of the village itself.

If these places have attracted your attention, then all you need is to prepare well and go in search of hidden beauty and sights that are located on the coast of Montenegro.

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