The Grand beach in Ulcinj is ideal for kitesurfing

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In recent years, in Montenegro, a type of active water recreation, such as kite surfing, or kiteboarding or parachuting is actively developing and becoming more and more popular. Fans of extreme sports can go kite-surfing on Grand (Velika) Beach, located near the city of Ulcinj, which, according to instructor Nemanja Shkobych, is one of the three safest and most ideal places in the world to master this extreme sport and outdoor activities.

Kitesurfing is a sport in which an athlete, standing on a board (surfing), controls a kite and, using the wind, moves along the water.

“To master the basic steps and learn to stand on the board, you need from eight to ten hours of constant training. Despite the rather heavy loads, both children and elderly people are applying for kitesurfing,” said Nemanja Shkobich. He also noted that Velika Beach in Ulcinj, which length is about 13 kilometers, is one of the three cleanest and safest places in the world where you can learn to kite surf and one of the reasons for this is the huge area of ​​this beach.

“The width and length of the beach, as well as the length of the shoals without corals, stones, trees, power lines, are ideal conditions for kitesurfing,” said N. Škobich, adding that the training season for kitesurfing on the Velika Beach in Montenegro begins in early May and lasts until early October.

It is worth noting that in addition to Montenegro, kitesurfing is popular in many countries around the world, including Vietnam, Morocco and Brazil.

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