Voli to open a hypermarket and yacht supply center in Porto Montenegro marina

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President of Voli, Dragan Bokan, and Adriatic Marinas-Porto Montenegro CEO of Tivat, David Margason, signed a cooperation agreement that formed a plan for creating joint projects between the two companies, which will go in many directions.

The first direction is the construction of a temporary facility in the marina (port for yachts) of Porto Montenegro, which is scheduled to open over the next six months.

In addition, an Agreement was signed on the basic rental conditions of the exclusive Voli hypermarket, which will be located on the territory of the new Porto Montenegro residential complex in the northern part of the elite Porto Montenegro district, as well as on the construction of an object specializing in the supply of yachts with goods and the provision of various services.

“The sales area of ​​the Voli hypermarket will be about 1,400 square meters. Its favorable location on the coast near the main road, the high standards of product and service quality that distinguish the Voli brand, its rich and varied offer, as well as its favorable pricing policy, will be of particular convenience for both the local population and tourists visiting Montenegro.” - Representatives of Porto Montenegro said.

“I am 100% convinced that at this prestigious yacht resort Porto Montenegro in Tivat, Voli will be a true representative of modern Montenegrin trade and will meet the expectations of the most demanding consumers. The logistics system that we will create will allow us to efficiently and efficiently supply yachts with all the necessary food and non-food products in accordance with all the requirements and quality standards of this demanding clientele. We look forward to new partnerships and opportunities for the development of our company, to proudly celebrate the new year, in which we will celebrate a quarter of a century since the founding of Voli,” said the president of Voli, Dragan Bokan.

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