The Construction of eight hydroelectric power plants is planned on the Moraca River

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 According to information received from the portal "Dan", Chinese company "Norinko" plans to build eight hydroelectric power plants on the Moraca River with a total installed capacity of 293.6 MW (MrW) and with an annual production volume of 894.82 gigawatt-hours (RWX) of electricity.

 Technical Solution of hydroelectric project of Company "Norinko" on the Moraca River is provided in two phases, the first phase - construction of hydroelectric power stations Andrijevo and Zlatnica, and the second one is the construction of hydroelectric power station upstream from Andrijevo.

 The report on the plan involves eight hydroelectric plants in total, five of which are in the main stream of the Moraca River and three on the tributaries (Mrtvica, Sjevernica and Mala rijeka).

 The Ministry provided this information to the Government Commission on Economic Policy (CEP) in October, but due to lack of parts, according to the opposition's request to the authorities, the information returned and asked to supplement, since there is no enough information about the company "Norinko" and the Turkish company "Bereket energy".

 As the portal "Dan" has reported, further information about the status of the hydroelectric project on the river Moraca in the process and after its completion it will be sent to the CEP. The commercial offer in the form of project and its details will be known after its completion. Thus, the entire process will continue as long as the final details of the project are resolved until all parameters, that are important for this project, are identified.

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