A record number of tourists rafted on the river Tara

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These days, due to the huge number of visitors, tourism and various types of outdoor activities in Montenegrin National Parks set new records. Yesterday, the expected record for the number of visits per season occurred in the Durmitor National Park, in such a popular outdoor activity as rafting on the Tara mountain river, and the day before the attendance record was set on Skadar Lake.

According to a statement by representatives of the Montenegrin National Parks organization (JP NPCG), which manages Montenegrin parks and reserves, this news was registered in the recently created e-Visitor software, which allows the management company to receive real-time information about the number and age of visitors, and also see what type of outdoor activities they choose in a particular park.

Montenegro National Parks reported that great success and an increase in the number of visitors are the result of the hard work of JPNPCG and the cooperation of all interested parties from the Montenegrin tourism industry.

“The increase in investments in the National Parks of Montenegro from year to year indicates that the state of Montenegro is very interested in its protected areas, their conservation and development on a sustainable basis - observing the laws of nature and environmental principles. Recently, gastronomic tourism has come to the fore in Montenegro, which is growing every year, which, without a doubt, affects the local economy and brings income to all entrepreneurs who do their business in these green areas located on the territory of Montenegrin parks. ” - said in a statement.

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