Montenegro is among the 10 countries most at risk of "overtourism"

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Montenegro is among the 10 countries in the world most at risk of "overtourism" or, in other words, excessive tourism...

Overtourism is a new term that describes a situation where so many tourists relax in one place that it negatively affects local residents and the environment.

Disneyfication Map, an online service that reviews excessive tourism in various countries around the world, put Montenegro among the 10 countries in the world that are under the threat of excessive tourism, with approximately 3.02 tourists per capita this year. Montenegro ranks sixth on this list, with Iceland ranking 6.52 guests per capita, while neighboring Croatia is second with a 3.78 guest per capita ranking.

A complete list of countries at risk for "overtourism" looks like this:

1. Iceland - 6.52 tourists per resident
2. Croatia - 3.78 tourists per resident
3. Bahamas - 3.64 tourists per resident
4. Austria - 3.34 tourists per resident
5. Cyprus - 3.21 tourists per resident
6. Montenegro - 3.02 tourists per resident
7. Greece - 2.53 tourists per resident
8. Estonia - 2.47 tourists per resident
9. Ireland - 2.15 tourists per resident
10. Denmark - 2.04 tourists per resident

In addition, the Disneyfication Map online service has compiled a list of ten cities in the world that have suffered from excessive tourism, which looks like this:

1. Cinque Terre (Five Lands) (Italy) - 4800 tourists / resident
2. Hallstatt (Austria) - 1,283 tourists per resident
3. The old city of Dubrovnik (Croatia) - 1000 tourists per resident
4. Venice (Italy) - 364.64 tourists per resident
5. Santorini (Greece) - 128.62 tourists per resident
6. Salzburg (Austria) - 45.94 tourists per resident
7. Kyoto (Japan) - 36.39 tourists per resident
8. Palma de Mallorca (Spain) - 32.26 tourists per resident
9. Iju Island (South Korea) - 24.8 tourists per resident
10. Amsterdam (Netherlands) - 22.5 tourists per resident

Some of the main points of excessive tourism are unbearable crowds of people who disturb not only local residents, but also tourists themselves, a huge number of people in public places or by public transport, the disappearance of local traditions and their replacement by souvenir shops, and negative impact on the environment.

The overtourism map can be viewed here -

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