Underwater sculpture exhibition near the island of Gospa od Milosti

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The underwater exhibition of sculptures by the Montenegrin artist Luke Radojević was organized in the Tivat Bay, next to the island of Gospa od Milosti. This underwater sculpture exhibition was organized in collaboration with Porto Montenegro and the Belgrade M2C Event Management Agency.

The concept of sculptures of this underwater exhibition is dedicated to time, as an abstract phenomenon in the changes of civilization. The exhibition is dedicated to ancient sculpture, which is dominated by male and female bodies inspired by ancient Greece and Rome, in which abstract elements reminiscent of the geometric shape and color from the civilization of ancient Egypt are also realized.

“The ancient Greeks, and then Rome, paid great attention to the creation of portraits, male and female torsos and the idealization of the human body through modeling in three dimensions in order to bring it closer to the divine ideal proportions. The best examples of ancient Greek sculpture were preserved precisely thanks to the sea, as they were found in archaeological sites at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea on ships that sank in ancient times and, thus, preserved important sculptures of that era. The bottom of the sea has kept the mystical secret of these masterpieces for millennia. Thanks to the installation of sculptures at the bottom of the sea, I, as an artist, want to revive the mystical ancient times and see our future through the prism of the past,” says the artist Luke Radojevic.

The underwater exhibition of sculptures will last until August 18 and it can be visited by everyone who comes with diving equipment to the island of Gospa od Milosti. More than 200 guests of the elite resort of Porto Montenegro and the Regent Porto Montenegro hotel, players of the recently organized polo tournament in the resort town of Tivat and many other tourists and residents of Montenegro are delighted with this unusual and unique exhibition.

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