The seafront from Old Town to Rafailovichi will be a new attraction of Budva

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In September, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, in cooperation with the Public Organization for Coastal Management of Montenegro and the Municipality of Budva, will announce an international competition for a preliminary architectural project for the new Budva - Becici waterfront.

This is the largest infrastructure project that will completely change the appearance of the popular tourist resort of Budva and the five-kilometer city promenade from the Old Town of Budva to the Rafailovichi district. The current appearance of this promenade is not representative and, accordingly, does not attract the attention of tourists.

“The theme of the competition will be the conceptual design of the waterfront along Slovenska beach in Budva and Becici beach, their connection across the Zavala peninsula, as well as the intersection of the waterfront with additional pedestrian paths to the coast and the sea. In addition to the pedestrian and recreational functions, the embankment should also have a carriageway function for the delivery of goods and the passage of rescue services, such as ambulances. In order to complete the embankment, it is also necessary to develop ideal solutions for its lighting, as well as the installation of appropriate waste collection facilities/equipment. The mandatory walking area, which is to be covered, is about five kilometers away,” said the Public Relations Service of JP Morsko dobro.

As noted in the company Marine Good, the adoption and evaluation of all the competition works will be done by an international jury of seven people, and the prize pool is 60 000 euros.

“We have been awarded a prize fund for a total of EUR 60,000, while the number of individual awards and the amount of rewards will be determined during the competition. The ways of submission of competition works, as well as other details and conditions necessary for participation in the competition, will be announced during the official announcement of the beginning of the competition,"- said in a message to the company "Morsko Dobro".

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