Tivat Airport received a millionth passenger...

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Tivat Airport received a millionth passenger 12 days earlier than last year...

Ivan Dumezic became the jubilee millionth traveler who passed through the terminal of Tivat Airport since the beginning of this year. Today he went to Paris, where he lives permanently, on a Montenegro Airlines plane.

The creation of new airlines between Montenegro and various European countries, as well as the constant work to increase the number of airlines operating flights to Montenegro, led to the fact that this year, the arrival of the jubilee millionth passenger at Tivat airport happened 12 days earlier than last year , reports the company Airports of Montenegro.

“Our great efforts and constant work have paid off. I am especially pleased to see the millionth passenger in the new Terminal 2 of Tivat Airport, because if we had not built it, we would not have been able to spend this summer season qualitatively. Two years ago, we first met the millionth passenger at the end of September, and this year we are already accepting them in August, and this shows how the number of air flights and passenger traffic to Montenegro is growing. We continue to work at the same pace and expect to serve more than 2.6 million passengers at both airports of Montenegro by the end of the year. These figures show that the ratings of the unsuccessful season in Montenegro are absolutely unproved, ”said Danilo Orlandich, General Director of Montenegro Airports.

“I was just surprised. Especially because I usually travel through the airport of Podgorica. I often visit Montenegro, although I have been living in France all my life. Thanks to the company Airports of Montenegro and I wish you good luck in your work in the future, ”said Ivan Dumezic.

The Director of Montenegro Airports handed over a weekend ticket to the jubilee passenger in the luxury resort "Holiday Villages Montengro", which is located in Ulcinj. A gift certificate for a stay in a new small paradise in Montenegro, managed by Karisma, can be used during the next 12 months.

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