Tender is announced for the construction of a public garden and embankment in Sutomore

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Today, the Montenegrin Public Works Administration announced the start of public procurement procedures for the construction of an area, square and embankment in the resort town of Sutomore, the cost of which is estimated at one million euros.

The deadline for submitting applications for participation in the tender for the construction of the square and the embankment in Sutomore is October 14, 2019, when they will be publicly opened and the contractor will be chosen.

We are talking about one of the four stages of arranging the embankment in this popular with tourists coastal village, in which the Government of Montenegro, the municipality of Bar, will take part.

The published tender documentation covers almost 5000 square meters representing the central public space of the entire city of Sutomore, with a new organization of the square, pedestrian zone and green spaces on the city promenade.

The preliminary and main project for the new embankment in Sutomore was developed and funded by Morsko dobro, which manages the coast of Montenegro. In addition, in cooperation with representatives of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, Bar Municipality and non-governmental organizations from Sutomore, during the development of the project, special attention was paid to streamlining and rationalizing the coastal part, as well as expanding the green space along the new embankment.

“By implementing this project, we will open the doors not only for the development of tourism in the city and country, but also for improving the lives of the residents of Sutomore. For this reason, we hope that thanks to this tender we will find a high-quality and responsible contractor,” said the Director of the Public Works Administration, Reshad Nukhodzic. Reshad Nukhodzhich also added that over the past years the city of Sutomore has been one of the most popular coastal destinations for both local residents and foreign tourists, and, according to him, deserves to receive new modern facilities through this project and facilities.

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